Download, build, and install new git releases
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gitgitr - Automatically fetch and build the most recent git.


version 0.904


  -- fetches and builds the most recent version of git

gitgitr -t
  -- fetches and builds the most recent version of git, and runs the
     test suite prior to installation

gitgitr -v 1.8.0
  -- fetches and builds version 1.8.0 of git


gitgitr is a tiny utility to simplify building the most recent (or, really, any arbitrary) version of git. This is something you probably only really need if you’re obsessive about running the most recent version of git, or if you maintain something like Git::Wrapper, where the ability to quickly install a particular git version comes up way more often than you would like.


  • --help / -h

    Displays basically the same information you’re currently soaking in.

  • --no_symlink / -N

    Don’t symlink /opt/git to the new build directory

  • --prefix / -p

    Installation prefix for the current build. Defaults to /opt/git-$GIT_VERSION_NUMBER

  • --reinstall / -r

    By default, gitgitr will not build a version that’s already installed. This flag will force it to build a version even if it is already preset.

  • --run_tests / -t

    Makes gitgitr run the git test suite after building and before installing. If the test suite fails, the build will not be installed. Disabled by default because the test suite takes a really long time to run.

  • --verbose / -V

    Makes gitgitr be a lot more chatty about what it’s doing

  • --version / -v

    Specifies what version of git to build. Defaults to the most recent version as found on the front page of



John SJ Anderson


This software is copyright (c) 2016 by John SJ Anderson.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.