genehack's config files
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John SJ Anderson a2535b581a add .dzil directory 9 hours ago
bash_completion.d alias pod->cpandoc 9 years ago
cpanreporter move cpanreporter config here 5 years ago
dzil add default profile for dzil minting 10 years ago
.gitignore Don't ignore stuff that doesn't exist anymore. 5 years ago
.mise add .dzil directory 9 hours ago
aliases canhazippls 11 months ago
bash_completion set up bash completion 11 years ago
bash_logout cleanup 11 years ago
bash_profile cleanup 11 years ago
bashrc update keychain for new ssh key 3 years ago
cmd-key-happy.lua add cmd-space to cmd-key-happy 3 years ago
dataprinter add dataprinter 9 years ago
dircolors.ansi-dark Dircolors for solarized 8 years ago
editorconfig editorconfig 8 months ago
mise new karabiner config file 3 years ago
p10k.zsh switch to p10k theme 7 months ago
perlcriticrc Add Test::Routine to perlcriticrc strict equiv 6 years ago
perltidyrc update perltidyrc to include --standard-error-output 10 years ago
smartcd_config tweak smartcd_config the way smartcd says to 5 years ago
starship.toml starship config 3 months ago
tmux.conf tweak some tmux stuff 6 months ago
zshrc turn ssh-agent plugin back on; disable keychain 2 months ago